Do you have stock linings that require an end of season maintenance and cleaning, but you do not have the resources to undertake? LOCK5 are here to help!

In addition to designing and delivering exceptional and bespoke events, LOCK5 also offer an inhouse laundry & maintenance service.

As experts in creative design and fit-out, we understand the importance of having a clean and well maintained product for each and every event. To ensure your linings are of the highest standard, simply send LOCK5 your stock and our talented team will take a look!

Our washer-dryers have the capacity to launder anything from 3m to 25m x 5m wide linings, meaning size won’t be an issue. With a reputation for precision and attention to detail we will inspect, carry out any maintenance needed, wash and dry the linings and return it ready for your next event. LOCK5 will ensure you are event ready so you can focus on organising and planning your next projects.

To find out more about our laundry and maintenance service, call us on 01962 454656 or email us at