Turnkey Solutions for Temporary Classrooms!

At LOCK5, we are dedicated to shaping the future of education by providing innovative, turnkey solutions for temporary classrooms for the UK education sector.

The educational landscape is evolving, and flexibility is key. Our tailored solutions empower schools and institutions to adapt and thrive, whether it's expanding student capacity, modernising facilities, renovations or accommodating changing needs.

Here's why LOCK5 is your partner of choice for your short term and long term temporary classroom solutions:

Seamless Turnkey Solutions

From concept to completion, we handle it all. Our comprehensive services cover design, construction, installation, and maintenance. You focus on education; we take care of the rest.

Speed and Efficiency

Time is of the essence in education. Our rapid deployment ensures that your classrooms are ready when you need them, avoiding disruption to the learning process.


Every education facility is unique. Our solutions can be customised to meet your specific requirements, whether you require a standalone temporary school building or one that can connect to your existing building, ensuring your vision for learning becomes a reality.


We understand the budget constraints faced by schools and colleges. Our solutions are not only efficient but also cost-effective, making your investment in education count.

Dedicated Account Manager

Our service allows for a dedicated account manager who is your single point of contact, ensuring your needs are understood and met promptly, allowing you to benefit from a personalised service and expert guidance every step of the way.

Quality and Sustainability

What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainability. All the materials used in the construction of our temporary school and university buildings are carefully selected for their recyclability. This means that not only are you futureproofing your educational facility, but you're also making a significant contribution to safeguarding the planet.

From heating systems to fire alarms, ventilation to lighting, we ensure that every aspect of our buildings aligns with our commitment to sustainability, creating a win-win scenario for both your institution and the environment.

LOCK5 can provide bespoke temporary facilities that include:

  • Temporary classrooms
  • Sports halls/gyms
  • Lecture halls
  • Dining rooms/canteens
  • Welfare facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Common rooms and staff areas
  • Childcare facilities
  • Playground/break time wet weather cover

Thanks to the modular design of our temporary classroom buildings, they offer unparalleled flexibility. Whether you need to expand or relocate, our solutions can effortlessly adapt to meet your evolving needs.

Join the ranks of satisfied customers that have embraced LOCK5 to provide bespoke temporary facilitie

Together, let's create inspiring, flexible, and sustainable environments where knowledge thrives and futures are shaped.

Reach out to us today on 01962 454656 or info@lock5.co.uk to explore how we can elevate your educational infrastructure.