LOCK5 Linings can confidently deliver: Star Cloth, Venue Linings, Graphic Linings, Marquee Linings, Bespoke Linings, Tack-Off and Stock Linings

We will provide you with a fantastic lining, expertly made and delivered without fuss, so you can concentrate on your business or event.

Have a browse through our gallery, and contact us for a quote for a LOCK5 lining manufactured by our team of experts.
Once we have chatted through your request, we will produce a computerised image for your visual approval; aiming to iron out industry
myths such as 'saggy gables' or inconsistent fabric shades. 

If you are not happy with the finished product, or our service, we will commit to making your lining again, free of charge. 

“Your work truly is seamless. The linings were perfect and we genuinely think you are the best we have worked with. We know how hard you have worked and we are so grateful.”
Sarah Haywood, named 'no.1 Luxury Wedding Planners' by Vogue.