Goodwood Revival is the iconic 3 day festival held each September at Goodwood Circuit since 1998, celebrating the halcyon days of motor racing.

It's a unique step back in time, and is one of the world's most popular motor race meetings.
LOCK5 has been working with Goodwood for 13 years, expanding our portfolio along the way - creating memorable and timeless interiors.

Since 2007, LOCK5 have been working with Goodwood Road Racing Company on Goodwood Revival, a highly esteemed event nearing the end of the summer events calendar. Our involvement is now well established across the event and we are proud to be involved in delivering many of the major hospitality areas across the event.

LOCK5 provide custom interiors for this flagship event, including the March Enclosure, Sponsors Pit-lane, Sponsors Annexe, Mess and War Rooms, GRRC, Spitfire Grab and Go, Fashion show, and Butlin’s Revival structures. This event produces a series of hugely varied and interesting fit outs with LOCK5 providing a host of interiors packages including, an array of tack off roof and wall lining styles, bespoke oak both distressed and scenic in feel, custom fabric and hard walling, distinctive wooden feature doors, as well as comprehensive theatrical set design including props to complete this comprehensive project.

Located in and around the main racing circuit and adjacent fields, the logistics for this event present unique challenges. Storage of equipment can be difficult with available space scarce and changing weather conditions mean external storage of materials can be a risk.

Several installations are required to run concurrently which entail the crews to be split across several areas and material deliveries need to be carefully planned and materials carried around site as required. With such a variety of interiors being installed, careful planning is essential to co-ordinate trades such as sub-contractors needing first and second fixes through to the scenic painting requirements to ensure that productivity is maximised in the short time available, especially towards the end of the build period.

Access into site is managed via the main gates to the circuit and controlled via a security pass system. All build vehicles and crew require registration and must be security cleared prior to entry onto site. Passes must be worn at all times and all personnel are checked for compliance at every entrance and exit. In regard to these points of access and routes around site, they are regularly subject to closures or diversions. One of the more unique challenges encountered at Goodwood, the site is open to the public throughout the build/derig periods and there are regular corporate track days which requires close attention. Attendees, whilst made aware of the works, are not subject to the same H&S control measures and members of the public can often wander into a live construction zone in an attempt to short cut to track side viewing areas. These track events also cause disruption to the crossing points required for larger vehicles due to a height restriction on the track tunnel, as well as closing many parking and laydown areas. Time is often lost moving equipment to facilitate these events and additionally, curious visitors can appear through a doorway at any time.

Some of our installations are within the infield of the flying club, which requires specific security passes and logistics must be considered when going ‘airside’.

The core build crew of 12-15 delivers a huge amount of work within just three and a half weeks of build time. Constant communication with sub-contractors onsite is a must to ensure that structures and services are in place before the interiors are installed and that updates have been widely circulated and discussed to ensure any delays or last minute changes are minimised.

A few of the more unique interior packages are expanded on below:

 Mess and War Rooms:

The 12m x 50m glass fronted marquee located at the edge of the pit area is designed to immerse visitors in a recreated 1940’s war time theme. LOCK5 install horizontal tack off roof linings incorporating specific lighting requirements. Bespoke oak panel walling creates an exclusive Officer’s club area along with 7 individual sponsor suites, these panels also accommodate plasma TV’s (by others), electrical sockets and A/C requirements. The Oak panels are also used to create a host of baffles to the BOH area. Across the glazed frontage of the structure, leg boxes are installed with a white painted finish.

Within the Mess toilet area, perimeter and baffle walls are created using tack off hessian walling. Hessian gutter links are installed onsite linking in with the main structure matching the main theatrical installation. Externally, a perimeter of baffle walling, finished in hessian is constructed to enclose the decked entrance area. Seamless also install hessian covered leg covers to the main Mess structure.

Attention to detail is key to ensure that the highest possible finish is delivered and several days are spent by a scenic painter to ensure a flawless finish.

March Enclosure:

The prestigious March Enclosure, one of the most luxurious feeling structures across the site. A 16m x 45m main structure accompanied by a 12m x 21m Entrance structure plus toilet and kitchen structures. Seamless provide the most comprehensive of finishes within this area, including custom pitched ivory tack off roof and gable linings accommodating lighting requirements within the main structure, complimented by a centrally hung, tack off roof in the entrance bar structure. Rich red and striking teal fabric hard walling, complete with rich wooden skirting and capping provides a luxurious backdrop for this hospitality experience. Baffle walling is provided to the toilet and kitchen areas. A plethora of props are sourced, supplied and installed throughout the area to complete the traditional high end design including, 2m high fireplace, large formal paintings, Egyptian rugs, stuffed moose’s head and a host of hunting lodge / library style props.

Sponsors Annexe & Sponsors Pit Lane Hospitality:

One of the most exclusive hospitality areas for Revival, these two structures flank the pit lane and garages and are home to key sponsors for the event and the personal guests of the Duke. Comprising of a 10m x 95m and 10m x 35m main structures with ancillary 5m x 9m and 10m x 9m structures to the rear, LOCK5 create several individual suites complete with horizontal white tack off roof lining and bespoke MDF hard walling, scenically painted to provide a distressed, crackle glazed finish. Each chalet is designed to incorporate plasma TV, air conditioning and electrical panels, the panels are pre-made to a defined layout to utilise walling panels and last minute adjustments need to be advised as early as possible, including the change to layout for TV/power panels. White MDF tack off leg boxes are installed to the glazed frontage of these suites. These panels also form the baffle walls to the BOH areas.

The Sponsors Annexe also includes an area for the younger visitor, this year it was a Toy Shop; this had very specific additional requirements including vibrant green paint, bespoke door finishes and incorporated prop installations.

Fashion Show:

In 2018, LOCK5 also created a feature entrance to the Fashion Show entrance, installing 4 sets of bespoke double wooden lockable doors with a scenic finish to replace the tent doors, complete with entrance ramp creating a grand entrance to compliment the significant exterior branding fascia being constructed.

Seamless created a custom 10m timber framework external to the structure, to which 4 sets of bespoke wooden doors were installed. 2 sets of doors replaced the working tent doors and 2 further sets were installed each side to create the feel of a much grander entrance. Bespoke carpentry work was required to tie the framework into the structure and ensure the sturdiness of the working doors considering the expected use over the event days, a link into the structure was created to mask the framework and complete the finish.

Careful liaison was needed with both the structure supplier to agree how/what was to be achieved and consideration and adjustment had to be given to maintain structural calculations, fixing points and more specifically, wind loading when removing the structural doors.

The huge installation in front of the structure, included the digging and laying of concrete foundations for the steelwork required for the fascia installation meant that close negotiation about schedule was required. The confirmation of final requirements came quite late in the build schedule and final details being confirmed just days before installation, all work had to be completed on site and was very labour extensive. Flexibility was required for final scenic effects to be added once construction had been completed and the area was clear. The doors were scenic painted elsewhere whilst the framework was constructed and final touches added later.

Furthermore, we also supply and install bespoke fabric walling and roof linings to the Spitfire Grab and Go spectator bar, GRRC Members and Butlin’s structures.

LOCK5 also provide bespoke interior solutions for further events throughout the rest of the year across the Goodwood estate, and we strive to continue providing excellent design and manufacture year after year.

"Thank you so much for all of you and your team’s help in staging this year’s Revival. I am very grateful indeed. I am delighted with the feedback we have had – many suggesting it was the best yet!"

Charles March, The Duke of Richmond and Gordon