Frieze Masters and Frieze London are held in the beautiful Regents Park, Grade I listed on the Register of Historic Parks and Gardens.
Situated a 15 minute walk from each other, each year brings around 60,000 visitors ranging from the general public to curators, artists, gallerist's and critics. Frieze London focuses mainly on contemporary art; whereas, Frieze Masters looks more into the historical aspect, showcasing work before the year 2000. The venue itself would need to be of a prestige nature to correspond with its surrounding.

Working with Neptunus, LOCK5 have been providing the extensive roof linings for what is the largest structure we have worked on.

Housed within Neptunus's giant structures, galleries from around the world showcase their artwork to the thousands of visitors over the four-day event.

The venues themselves would be bespoke, looking of a suitable nature to correspond with its surroundings and purpose, and so LOCK5 were asked by 2020 Events to provide a solution for dressing the interior roof space of a 50m wide structure.

We were successful in being contracted for a three-year contract from 2016-2018, and designed a roof system that; due to the size of the structures, can be installed in sections and then connected via a zip and flap system to create as seamless a look as possible. Surrounded by artwork, this too would need to be a work of art.

Challenges for this event include sufficient management of time, having a strong working relationship with other suppliers, and be extremely detailed within our planning, so as to provide an outstanding product. Our reputable team work safely to assure the best possible outcome, ensuring equipment and plant are safely delivered on site. 2020 Events go into meticulous detail on the operational and safety measures, which when working in such large structures with a lot of heavy plant and access equipment, requires a cohesive approach from all suppliers to ensure success of the event.

Key challenges on this site are:

  • Time - we are allocated just three days to line a 50m x 115m, 50m x 110m & 50m x 50m structure, a total of 17,676 sqm - equivalent to 3 full size football pitches.
  • A huge challenge requiring a cohesive and adaptable approach with constant communication between suppliers and client ensuring structures are signed off and other trades equipment first fixed into the roof space before we start our work. Through fluid communication and detailed pre-planning with trades and site teams we ensure that our installation is as seamless as our finished product.
  • Access - due to the size of the main structures, all of our work in these is from access equipment, scissor lifts systematically progress through the site, hanging, passing and fixing the linings across the spaces, ensuring all the while that they are kept off the bare structure floor and keeping ahead of other trades nipping at our tyres laying carpet and building exhibition stands in our wake!
  • Style - taking note of the above restrictions, time and access to the roof spaces, we were challenged with creating a lining system that was quick to install, re-usable and washable. The roof sections have been designed to ensure they fit within our industrial washing machine so they return to site in pristine condition each year, and also made in modular sections that clip, zip and hang together for as fast an install as possible, with the addition of purpose made access zips for Air conditioning ducts to be 2nd fixed through our lining without causing any damage.
  • All linings are numbered and have to be re-installed in the exact location each year to ensure we meet the needs of all other trades with bespoke zips pre-fabricated in the panels and our 'quick zip' joining systems line up.
  • Storage - another issue is the lack of storage on site, we operate a ‘just in time’ service, ensuring the equipment on site is used efficiently and storage boxes are flat packed and removed from site as soon as they are used so we don't clog the site up and get in the way of other suppliers.

LOCK5 look forward to more years at Frieze Masters and Frieze London, as we enjoy working on such a prestigious and challenging project. We aim to excel in what we do year after year, working to improve in all areas so as to ensure an always refining experience.

“LOCK5 offer a proactive approach throughout the design and planning process and their installation teams are experienced, courteous and resourceful. The end result being deadlines achieved and clients happy!” -Neptunus